Past Media

Joy Cardin Show, Wisconsin Public Radio, May 3 (audio)

Focus, WILL, May 2 (audio)

On Point, WBUR, April 11 (audio)

Bloomberg on the Economy, Bloomberg Radio, April 11 (audio)

Marketplace, April 10 (text and audio)

Larry Kudlow, CNBC, April 9 (video)

BBC News, April 9 (video)

Weekends with Alex Witt, MSNBC, April 7 (video)

MIT News, April 7 (text interview)

Chrystia Freeland, Reuters, April 5 (video)

The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC-FM, April 5 (audio)

Fresh Air, WHYY-FM, April 5 (audio)

After the Bell, Fox Business, April 5 (video)

CNN, April 5 (video)

Bloomberg Surveillance, Bloomberg Radio, April 4 (audio)

The Daily Ticker, Yahoo! Finance, April 4 (video)

Dylan Ratigan, MSNBC, April 4 (video)

Morning Joe, MSNBC, April 3 (video)

Starting Point, CNN, April 3 (video)

Interview with Jon Hilsenrath, Wall Street Journal, March 23 (video)